Caching with Memcache(d)

PHP Memcache 3.0.8 Windows

Memcache can have a massive performance increase on small stores with lots of memory.

It's a trade off between taking up less space or eating up more CPU cycles.

Be sure to check your phpinfo() has 'Memcahe' enabled before making this change.

Opencart 2.3 simple edit: system/config/default.php

$_['cache_type']           = 'file'; // apc, file, mem or memcached
$_['cache_expire']         = 3600;

To use Opencart with PHP7.0 you will need to make changed to Memcache to Memcached

Upload below class to: system/library/cache/memcached.php
Then set the above cache_type to 'memecached'. Also recommend adding a way of clearing the cache manually especially if you're using non file stored cache.

  1. Older version than 2.3  require small changes.
  2. Add below code to: config.php AND admin/config.php

    // Cache
    define('CACHE_DRIVER', 'mem'); // 'file', 'apc', 'mem' or 'memcached'
    define('CACHE_HOSTNAME', 'localhost');
    define('CACHE_PORT', '11211');
    define('CACHE_PREFIX', 'oc_');

  3. Edit index.php  AND admin/index.php

    $cache = new Cache('file');

    $cache = new Cache(CACHE_DRIVER);

    You will get this error if you are missing these from your configs

    Use of undefined constant CACHE_HOSTNAME


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