• Hidden Products

Hide products from search and other areas of your store.

NOTE: if installing on Opencart 3 will need to manually run database query (replace 'oc_' with database prefix)
ALTER TABLE `oc_product` ADD `hidden` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL

  Opencart Version Total Download
Hidden Products
Version: 1.4
Released: » » » 72
Hidden Products
Version: 1.3
Released: » 99
Hidden Products
Version: 1.1
Released: » » » » » » 99

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Excellent module for hidden inactive or unnused products (seo). Thank you very much.

, 31/07/2016

Good. Product is hidden, but right and useful for SEO, that the product was available on the url. You can do so in the next update?

, 10/05/2016

Good to have when you would like to have hidden products like fees for delayed paying.

, 11/04/2016

Hidden Products

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