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Smart 404 Page
Version: 1.1
Released: » 54
Smart 404 Page
Version: 1.2
Released: » 1
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I really wanted to get this extension to work for my OC
Unfortunately I get an execution error whenever I hit a 404 not found page.
I have no idea why. Your mileage will surely vary depending on your setup.
I wish there was a 'could not test' or 'cannot rate product' option in the review but since there is not one, I will rate it a 5 so as not to pollute the average at this moment of reviewing.

ps. my error:
The page you requested cannot be found!

The page you requested cannot be found.
Notice: Error: Could not load template /catalog/view/theme/default/template/default/template/error/not_found_products.tpl! in /vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_storage_modification_system_library_template_php.php on line 23

, 22-01-2017

This plug-in worked great for us - highly recommended!

, 03-10-2016

Obrigado, esta ótima modificação só veio a somar na loja!

, 08-06-2016

Thank you! Good addition. I checked the work

, 11-05-2016

Smart 404 Page

  • Brand: Opencart
  • Product Code: smart_404
  • £5.00

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