Hide products from search and other areas of your store.

NOTE: if installing on Opencart 3 will need to manually run database query (replace 'oc_' with database prefix)
ALTER TABLE `oc_product` ADD `hidden` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL

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Hidden Products


Hidden Products

Version: 1.4
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Hidden Products

Version: 1.3
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Hidden Products

Version: 1.1
Released: » » » » » »
Hi, yes it should because there are not theme template files.

That said Joural theme is big and add more of it's own logic so possible it may not fully work and need adjusting to work with additional Journal files but the main logic is already built. 
Hi, this extension hides the products from everywhre so it would need to be modified to suit your exact needs. Easily done by a developer let us know if you need custom support we'd be happy to help customise. 

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Excellent module for hidden inactive or unnused products (seo). Thank you very much.


Good. Product is hidden, but right and useful for SEO, that the product was available on the url. You can do so in the next update?


Good to have when you would like to have hidden products like fees for delayed paying.


Hidden Products

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