MODULE REQUIRES Professional Email Templates - Advanced.

The complete solution to emailing customers before they purchase (we have another extension for order follow ups).

  • Automatically email your opencart customers if they have abandoned their cart?
  • Do you have customers registering on your opencart store without placing an order?
  • Or another scenario that you can configure. Similar to our email templates extension you can fully customize it to suit your store, however, complicated it needs to be. 

Setup to work automatically via scheduled cron job or login to admin. You can use it to monitor activity on your store and manually send quick emails to your customers when required.  It shows you clearly what your customers have been up to and which ones are worth sending out emails to. 

Currently only works with Opencart 3.1, 3.0 and 2.3.

Opencart 3: Checkout our demo under: Modules -> Emailtemplates Customer Pre-Sale

Opencart 2.3:  Checkout our demo under: Mail -> Customer Pre-Sale

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Customer Pre-Sale


Customer Pre-Sale

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Customer Pre-Sale

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Hi, yes this extension will track abandaned carts for registered customers and guests, who only part checkout and don't complete their payment. 

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Unsure at first if this would be worth it but it has paid for itself in sales already and only had it installed a few days. I find it very useful to check in on how customers are using our store and report back to management. It was simple to install only took a while to understand how it works but worth it in the end. Very pleased with this module.


Customer Pre-Sale Emails

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