This extension allows you to validate your customer’s email address. Keep your mailing lists free of invalid, risky and missspelled email addresses. This improves your IP reputation and delivery to the inbox. Head over to  ZeroBounce and sign up to get a 100 free trial credits!

Main Features:

  • Email format validation.
  • Inline AJAX validation. Enhance form validation by checking email after it has been input & before the form is submitted.
  • Validate if customer email account exists - before they've filled in the registration form. 
  • Zero Bounce optional advanced validation:
    • Block free domains - Do you sell B2B products? Then you might want to block free domains from registering.
    • Block catch-all - These email providers can’t be validated, so they are risky to send to. We recommend not blocking these, but you might want to.
    • Known abusers or complainers - These emails are known for clicking the Spam button when receiving promotions and newsletters.
    • Restrict newly created domains from registering - Most fraud is caused by newly registered domains.
    • Block temporary and disposable email addresses - These emails are designed to only be valid for a few minutes, just to bypass your registration screens.
  • Block certain domains – such as or
  • Ensure the email validation is non-obtrusive with time limits - If an email address is taking too long to validate, simply allow it to pass.
  • Customers already registered with unchecked email? No problem there's an option to manually validate their email address the next login to your store and let them can change their email address to a valid one. 
  • Set relaxed email validation rules for registration and strict email validation rules for Newsletter sign-ups. 
  • Performance email validation with API caching - Saves you credits, if people attempt to enter the same bad email address multiple times.
  • Debug option to help diagnose any issues.

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Email Validation


Email Validation

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Email Validation

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Email Validation

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Email Validation - Language Arabic

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Yes it does this by logging customer out if they change their email address with a message requiring them to re-valid their new email address. 
Yes if there's a issue please open a support ticket and we will help resolve. 

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Email Validation

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