Replace file_get_contents() with PHP Curl.

Some host have this disable resulting in the following errrors:

  • https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0
  • Failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found.

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Google Recaptcha Curl

Version: 1.4
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Google Recaptcha Curl

Version: 1.3
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Google Recaptcha Curl

Version: 1.2.2
Released: » » » » » »
It's modification only making changes to the code where is replaces "file_get_contents" method call with PHP Curl.
You can use a modification manager to see the changes.

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This OCMOD is wonderful, my site is now enabled to use reCAPTCHA. Thank you all for your great work.


Огромный + за модификатор! уже думал придется пилить капчу...


Thanks fixed my issue with godaddy host


Google Recaptcha PHP Curl

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